Legoland Florida, a fun and colorful kids-oriented theme park

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Legoland Florida Resort is a 150-acre interactive kids-oriented theme park located in Winter Haven, Florida (45 minutes away from Orlando) featuring Lego-themed rides, shows and attractions, as well as a large Water Park.

Only 5 years old and less famous than other Florida theme parks such as Walt Disney Epcot Center or Universal Studios Orlando, Legoland Florida has been growing in popularity since its grand opening in October of 2011, followed by the addition of its Water Park less than 9 months later.

Mainly built for kids, but enjoyable by visitors of all ages, Legoland Florida features several major attractions such as Miniland USA which reproduces iconic American landmarks in Lego bricks, as well as the more recent Lego Star Wars which pays tribute to the legendary science-fiction feature film series.

Quantity of kid-size rides, activites and rollercoasters are also available, many of them centered around the world of the legendary brand of colorful brick toys and minifigures.

Being a All-Things-Lego wonderland, hardcore collectors and old-time lego fans might find it best to visit the park over two days, but any family - especially its youngest members - should find it hard not to enjoy themselves even for a single day at Legoland Florida.

Legoland Florida Map

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Insider Travel Tips

  • Legoland Florida is open daily, but may be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during specific periods so make sure to check operating hours when planning your visit.
  • As with all popular theme parks, it is advised to avoid major holidays if you can, and arrive early to enjoy your visit to the fullest, access all the rides and better manage waiting lines. Park ticket booths open 45 mns prior park opening.
  • Best times to experience the most popular rides is either early or late hours, closest to park opening and closing.
  • Contrary to many other parks, Legoland Florida might be best enjoyed on week-ends because of larger shool grouped visits during weekdays.
  • Legoland Florida is located at One Leogland Way, Winter Haven Fl, 33884, about 45 minutes by car from Orlando (I-4 WEST to exit 55, then right off U.S. Highway 27 at State Road 540 / Cypress Gardens Blvd).
  • round-trip daily shuttle service is available ($5 + tax) from the Orlando Premium Outlets at I-Drive 360, 8401 Universal Boulevard(Prices subject to change)
  • Regular walk up 1-Day pass prices vary from $84 (Child/Senior, + tax) to $111 (Adult Pass & Waterpark, + tax), but you can save a few dollars by booking your tickets online at least 2 days in advance and pay $71 (+ tax) for 1 Park Ticket. (Prices subject to change)
  • Parking at Legoland Florida is $17 per car ($15 if booking online), $18 for 
    Campers/RVs, and $10 for motorcycles. (Prices subject to change)
  • Always pack enough water, sunscreen, sunglasses and sunhats, as well as some light snacks so you don't have to rush to a store on a sudden hunger urge.
  • Since water activities are a must at Legoland, we advise you to pack bathing suits, towels, water-tolerant sneakers or sandals, and even maybe a poncho so you don't ruin your fancy clothes during likely water splashing events. Of course, a water-proof camera is always a good idea to take great pictures in watery and splashy areas.
  • Most Legoland shops, restaurants, shows, rides and attractions are ADA accessible by wheelchairs or people requiring special services.

Legoland Florida Attractions

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  • Although Legoland Florida Resort rightfully bills itelf as "built for kids", many attractions will seduce visitors of all ages who will find themselves plunged back in childhood memories, eyes filled with colorful visions of the legendary brick-building brand.
  • In the spirit of its original Legoland park in Billund (Denmark), Miniland USA is located near the park entrance and features brick-by-brick reproductions - with over 32 million Lego bricks total! - of iconic American landmarks, from Las Vegas to the Kennedy Space Center, but also the Golden State, San Francisco's skyline, Daytona Speedway, New York's Manhattan, Washington DC's monuments and many more.
  • Since its grand opening in November 2012, the Star Wars area (located in the center of the park) has become a visitor's favorite, featuring 2,000 lego models (some over 6-feet tall), reenacting most famous and interactive scenes from the Star Wars movies, as well as famous and life-size replicas of Darth Maul, R2-D2 or Darth Vader.
  • A wonderful and welcome escape from the park's hordes of joyful kids, Cypress Gardens is a rare and recently restored botanical garden (located in the Westernmost area ot the park) featuring Florida's native plants - such as camellias and azaleas - along with exotic species masterfully arranged around the quiet Lake Eloise.
  • Kids being kings of Legoland, there are many, many activities and attractions to keep them busy and happy during your Legoland visit. Five self-explnatory main zones are dedicated to children's activities: Creation Zone, Water Zone, Wheels Zone, Building Zone, and Flight Zone.
  • For the littlest ones, Legoland features at the park's main entrance ("The Beginning") three play areas centered around the world of Duplo, Lego's counterpart for the youngest ones (age 2+): Duplot TotSpot, Duplo Splash & Play, and Duplo Farm.

The Rides at Legoland Orlando

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  • Although not the best park to top chills and thrill-rides, Legoland features quite a few rides that will be most enjoyable as a fun family experience.
  • 150- foot tall, The Island in the Sky is a high-rising, saucer-shaped rotating platform offering a 360° view of the park and its immediate surroundings, perfect to get your bearings, take pictures, and enjoy a refreshing breeze in hot and humid weather.
  • Little princes and princesses are sure to have a good time by riding The Dragon, an indoor/outdoor rollercoaster coming in and out of the Florida Resort Castle, leaving a trail of high-pitched joyful screams behind it.
  • Merlin's ChallengeCoastersaurus and Beetle Bounce are kid-size themed rollercoasters located along the edge of the park. Flying School, Project X, and TechnicycleMia's Riding Adventure belong more in the high-flying antics categories but still a lot of fun for the whole family.
  • Finally, there are also smaller fair-like activities kids can enjoy by themselves or in smaller groups, such as Ford's Driving School, Safari Trek, and Duplo-themed Tractor and Train.

The Waterpark & Water-based Activities

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  • Located in the farthest area of the park's entrance, the Legoland Florida Water Park is not by any mean the best water park in Florida. However, it will make for a wonderful time for kids and a most welcome break for accompanying adults, so we'll leave it up to you to decide if it's worth the $20 difference (in average) with a regular day pass, as Water Park tickets can not be purchased on their own.
  • One of the most interesting activity in the Water Park is Build-A-Raft, where kids can design and build their own lego-made water craft to navigate a 1000-ft long river again, and again.
  • In the same creative spirit, Build-A-Boat is a new attraction at Creative Cove that lets kids create their own lego boat on a mini-river to race against each other, while parents can benefit from the free wifi hot spot comfortably installed in their long chair.
  • There are many other areas for kids to cool off and have sreaming fun around the Water Park, from the Joker Soaker play area to the Wave Pool and Splash Safari, but children and teens are sure to enjoy themselves on water rides and toboggans like the gigantic Splash Out, and the Twin Chasers.
  • For those who choose not to purchase a Water Park extra ticket, the Boating School, the Rescue AcademyWave Racers will provide plenty of water-based fun within the main Legoland area.
  • Finally, and still within the main Legoland area, The Quest for Chi at World of Chima (near the park entrance to your right) will let you fight with water cannons along an interactive boat ride.

The Shows at Legoland Florida

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  • There are currently three year-round shows at Legoland Florida: Wells Fargo 4D TheaterPirates' Cove Live Water Ski Show , and the ‘Friends to the Rescue’ Live Stage Show.
  • Before you make plans for these resident shows, make sure to check the Legoland Florida Show Times as many seasonal shows are on schedule, especially during summertime and other major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Carnival in winter.
  • Wells Fargo 4D Theater is a Legoland's largest indoor theater (700 seats), where 4-D movies (regular 3-D movies with added physical effects) are shown throughout the day, such as the now classic Lego Movie 4D: A New Adventure, or Nexo Knights: The Book of Creativity.
  • Pirates' Cove Live Water Ski Show (at Pirates Cove) plays out a battle between Miranda Valentina against the villain Captain Brickbeard and his pirates, featuring water-ski and jet-ski antics.
  • Friends to the Rescue is a kids-oriented live show at Heartlake Hall in Heartlake City.

Lodging, Dining & Shopping

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  • One of the latest additions to the park, the Legoland Florida Hotel is the only on-site lodging option. Five-story tall, the lego-themed hotel features 152 rooms and over 2,000 lego models. For more options outside the park, consult the Legoland Partner Hotels web page.
  • Legoland Florida currently features 15 different food places, ranging from simple snacks or ice-creams to sandwiches and burgers, as well as a regular restaurant - Market Restaurant - which offers soy-free and gluten-free options.
  • Legoland is of course a great place to shop everything lego, with 8 Lego-themed stores within the park's boundaries.
  • While the Big Shop (near the park entrance) is the main shopping attraction for Lego memorabilia, true Lego fans will most likely enjoy the Minifigure Market (Fun Town) where you can build your own minifigures.
  • For discount toys, check out the Razar's Bazaar of Bargains (World of Chima).
  • Finally, Legoland is a great place to trade Legos so make sure your kids bring their own Lego minifigures, which roaming park employees will be more than happy to trade!

Latest News From Legoland Florida

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