Kennedy Space Center to launch Immersive Live-Action Game Experience in February 2016

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The Kennedy Space Center will inaugurate a brand new and interactive live-action game called Cosmic Quest starting February 2016.

Cosmic Quest will recruit kids and teenagers as trainees to live an educational, fun and immersive NASA-inspired space adventure within the visitor complex - a $24.95 fee (in addition to the price of daily admission) will enable the wannabe-astronauts to complete all four adventures independantly. 

The Cosmic Quest will feature four different adventures:

  • NASA’s Next Rocket Launch Adventure, where trainees will experience first hand a mission control-style rocket launch, vibrations and steam included.

  • Mars Colony Adventures will enroll trainees for two separate missions: building a research exploration base or a permanent colony to host astronauts on the Red Planet.

  • Asteroid Capture Adventure will teach trainees to control a robotic spacecraft to capture a deep-space asteroid and put it in safely orbit around the Moon.

  • International Space Station Adventure will take trainees aboard the famous Space Shuttle Atlantis to the perform science experiments on the International Space Station (ISS), such as dealing with microgravity or grow vegetables in space.

“We are proud to offer this new live-action game experience to engage young people’s imaginations and get them excited about their role in future of space exploration,” said Therrin Protze, CEO of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

Robonaut, a twin of NASA’s actual R2 robot currently on the ISS, will guide trainees through this Cosmic Quest scheduled for opening in February 2016.

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