Ground Control at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016

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Art Basel, the world's premier modern and contemporary art fairs, is returning to Miami Beach to showcase the latest and wildest in arts and performances of all kinds.

Very popular with art lovers, collectors and resellers, Art Basel Miami Beach has confirmed year after year its status of not-to-miss art event in the Magic City.

This year's theme for Art Basel Miami Beach’s Public Sector is an obvious tribute to David Bowie's most famous song to honor the legendary pop artist that passed away earlier this year.

20 monumental, colorful and intriguing pieces of art are scattered across various sites within Collins Park for all to enjoy, transforming the park in an open air art gallery featuring scupltures as well as drawings.

Among the presented artwork, larger than life sculptures will help this unique exhibit fulfill its mission of bringing visitors to new dimensions and "reframe Collins Park into a site for transformational experiences with contemporary art." 

Be sure to take a long look at Ugo Rondinone's Miami Mountain (our photo) as well as Erwin Wurm's Big Disobedience (two human figures made of clothing), Tony Tasset’s self-explanatory Arrow Sculpture, and Norbert Prangenberg’s Figur, a monumental outdoor glazed ceramic sculpture traveling outside of Europe for the very first time.

The Bass Museum of Art docents organizes daily walk-in tours starting from the Public sector on-site Info Point through Sunday, December 4 (2 pm). No reservation is required but a fee applies ($8).

Ground Control is admission-free, and will run through Dec. 4 with a small selection of art works remaining on spot until mid-March. Collins Park is located in Miami Beach between 21st and 22nd St, and is open from 11am onwards. For more information, head to the official website

Ground COntrol art works & artists map

news usa florida art basel miami 2016 ground control map

Map Point Artist Art Work
1 Alicja Kwade Reise ohne Ankunft (Mercier)
2 Glenn Kaino Invisible Man
3 Sol LeWitt Incomplete Open Cubes
4 Erwin Wurm Big Disobedience
5 William J. O’Brien The Protectors
6 David Adamo Untitled
7 Jean-Marie Appriou Mirage
8 Huma Bhabha Friend
9 Matías Duville Arena Parking
10 Magdalena Abakanowicz 10 Standing Figures
11 Claudia Comte 128 Triangles and their Demonstration
12 Ugo Rondinone Miami Mountain
13 Norbert Prangenberg 1999
14 Wagner Malta Tavares Malpertuis
15 Tony Tasset Arrow Sculpture
16 Yoan Capote Naturaleza Urbana
17 Camille Henrot Contrology and Dropping the Ball
18 Tony Matelli Jesus
19 Eric Baudart Atmosphère
20 Anthony Pearson Transmission