Universal Studio Orlando Unleashes King Kong In Skulll Island

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Universal Studio Orlando is bracing for the grand opening this July 2016 of its newest attraction Skull Island: Reign of Kong, a mix of 3D movies and animatronic featuring the legendary kings of apes.

With this new attraction, Universal Studio invites park visitors to explore the mysterious Skull Island, and survive first hand encounters with gigantic prehistoric creatures, and of course King Kong itself.

Although no official launch date has been announced yet, we now have more details about the biggest park extension since the launch of the Harry Potter Escape from Gringotts ride back in 2014.

As it appears, Skull Island: Reign of Kong is much more than a mere upgrade of King Kong's previous appearance in Universal Studio Orlando, the Kongfrontation ride that succesfully ran 12 years until 2002.

VERY first ACTUAL GLIMPSE of Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Until now Universal Studio had only released renderings of the Reign of Kong ride and video previews of the 3D films.  

Thanks to media preview events that took place during two days until June 24, we now have a fisrt photos of the actual coach 1930s-style vehicle that will take up to 72 visitors for a goosebumps-filled ride.

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The rugged all-terrain bus that seems straight out of the famous 2005 King Kong movie, will actually be driven by up to five different animatronics on an autonomous, trackless path.