Miami Seaquarium goes PenguinPalooza on Easter (Mar 25 - 27)

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Miami Seaquarium is turning its traditional Easter celebrations around as Bunny Palooza makes room this year for a PenguinPalooza for three days of family fun from Friday, March 25 to Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Boasting the largest Easter parade in South Florida, PenguinPalooza is the occasion for kids and grown-ups to make acquaintance with the marine theme park's newest guests, a small colony of endangered African penguins.

Open in february 2016, Miami Seaquarium's "Penguin Isle" lets you observe Happy Feet's little cousins from up close, above and below water thanks to wide windows a spectacular underwater tunnel.

news usa miami theme parks miami seaquarium easter penguin palooza2016 penguin isle

"We are thrilled that our guests are able to observe these fascinating creatures and at the same time learn about this endangered species and what we can do to help preserve our feathered friends," said general manager of Miami Seaquarium Andrew Hertz.

Parade, non-stop egg hunts, live shows and fun games

PenguinPalooza will also feature non-stop Easter egg hunts during the whole week-end, five acres of lifesize games for kids, as well as impromptu visits from the "real" Easter Bunny!

PenguinPalooza pass holders can attend any and all Miami Seaquarium live shows, visit Lolita the world-famous killer whale and Salty the sea lion, access all exhibits, and partake with kids at game areas Sharky’s Sky Trail and Salty’s Pirate Playground.

Miami Seaquarium is located at 4400 Rickenbacker Cswy, Key Biscayne). The PenguinPalooza 3-day event will run from Friday through Sunday (10am - 6pm) (adults: $44.99 / children: $34.99). For more information, call 305-361-5705 or visit the Miami Seaquarium website.

African penguins make their debut at Miami Seaquarium (Feb 2016)