GrooveMiami wants you to Dance. Dance. Dance.

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GrooveMiami is inviting everyone to join Dance. Dance. Dance., a series of free outdoor dance classes this Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7:30pm, on the Promenade at Bayfront near Miami's Bayside Marketplace.

Winner of The Miami Foundation’s 2015 Public Space Challenge, GrooveMiami is a non-profit initiative that aims to promote physical fitness and improve utilization of Miami’s public spaces such as Miami-Dade College parking garage, Metrorail stops or underused public parks.

Besides the three mini-lessons of salsa, hip-hop and Caribbean beats, the GrooveMiami inaugural event is expected to turn in a new, urban, dance party and fitness experience.

Dance to highligh Miami's hidden urban beauty

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Open to all, the 20-minute mini-classes will be featuring iconic Miami dance styles ranging from salsa to swing and line dancing, which will give every attendee a chance to try oneself out at as many different new steps.

“Dance is universally enjoyed, culturally significant, and a great workout, we’re excited to see the connections made by bringing together a variety of people in a public space,” said Alissa Farina of GrooveMiami's team.

For this and next events, the GrooveMiami gathering will alternate energetic dance and fitness classes with disco yoga sessions and other relaxing activites. Admission is free. Refreshments are complimentary.

Hip Hop Dancing in Miami

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